General Procedure

First the molds are fabricated individually.

Then we fabricate the products with the thermoforming process.

During the process the plastic plate is heated, whereby ist becomes elastic and shapeable.

After that the elastic plastic plate is sucted on

the mold and the form of the muld is transferred to the plastic plate. By cooling the plate down the product hardens and keeps the form of the muld.

Possible further steps of treatment

When the product cooled down, there are several possibilities to treat it. We can die cut parts or bevel them. Moreover parts can be varnished.
Possible steps of treatment are: 

- to bevel parts on the CNC milling machine
- to die cut cutaways
- to varnish or to plate the surfaces
- to print on for example advertising slogans
- to splice the product with other parts e.g. by jamming
  them or by heat-sealing

For the fabrication of the products different plastics can be used. They are available in different colours and even transparent. Moreover there is the possibility to utilise plastics with special attributes.

If you are interested just write us an email and we will answer your questions concerning the procedure or certain products!